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Meal Delivery Services: Part 2

(scroll down for link to Part 1: Sakara)

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Freshly works a bit different from Sakara; you choose a 4, 6, 9, or 12 meal per week subscription and then pick out the specific meals you want on their website. Depending on the subscription you choose the cost ranges from $8.99-$12.50 per meal. All of the meals are gluten free and free from refined sugar, and their facility is gluten and peanut free. Freshly seems to focus more on Paleo customers and they stress that their meals are packed with protein. All of the meals list calorie information and specific heating instructions so that was a plus for me; the meals come in microwaveable packaging so they were much easier to prepare than the Sakara meals. Freshly’s meals are all hot meals and this was a welcome change after eating a lot of soggy, cold salads. The meals arrive refrigerated and can be frozen if you don’t want to eat them within a week of delivery. Freshly also seems to do a good job of offering foods that re-heat well in the microwave and travel well without getting soggy or wilted. You can skip a week or cancel your subscription at any time, but if you don’t actively go on the website to skip/cancel you automatically are “opted-in” each week so you have to remember if you want to skip a week.

Although there were some positives to this program, I was not a big fan. I am not used to eating a lot of meat and these meals were very meat-heavy in my opinion and just didn’t seem very healthy.When I was selecting meals I got frustrated because there weren’t very many dairy free options. This was an issue for me because the selections don’t change much from week to week and there were maybe 5 dairy free options, so I knew if I continued with this program I would be eating the same things nearly every week. If you can eat dairy you will have a lot more options than I did so you might like it better. The meals also seem to focus more on dinner rather than breakfast or lunch, although I believe they are adding more breakfast options.

Pros: easy microwave meals, heat up well, hot meals, calories listed

Cons: not a lot of fresh veggies, not a lot of dairy free options, meat heavy IMO

Favorite Meals: Chicken Livorno with white beans and kale, Ancho Chicken Quinoa Lentil Pilaf


  1. I would recommend Freshly to people who eat a lot of meat and dairy
  2. Set up your weekly order in advance because they do run out of certain meals

Summary: I cancelled this service during the second week and I think I still have one of the meals in my freezer months later – despite the convenience this was not a winner in my book.


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