Dairy Free Pumpkin Spice Protein Shake

I love trying out all of the new pumpkin spice flavor products this time of year – unfortunately they aren’t always gluten free and dairy free. I was bummed to miss out on the Pumpkin Pie flavored Premier Protein shakes so I decided to make my own version!

This recipe is not vegan but it is Dairy Free and Gluten free!

I used the Julian Bakery Pumpkin Pie Egg White Protein powder and PEScience Cinnamon Vegan Protein Powder(both are available on Amazon) – you could use any plant-based milk but I really like the Silk Almond & Cashew protein milk in this recipe!

Nutrition: 195 calories, 32.6g Protein / 6.8g Carbs / 4.2g Fat

(nutrition info will differ if using a different plant-based milk)


  • Julian Bakery Pumpkin Pie Egg White Protein 28g
  • PE Science Cinnamon Vegan Protein 10g
  • Silk Protein Almond Cashew Milk 1/2 cup
  • Cold water(1/2-3/4 cup, plus a few ice cubes)


  1. Measure out protein powders
  2. Measure plant-based milk
  3. Combine in a blender bottle and shake
  4. Add water and ice cubes until desired consistency is reached
  5. Enjoy!