Product Comparison: Dairy Free Protein Powders

There are so many protein powders available now, these are a few of my favorites. I stay away from whey protein in my protein powders because for me it just isn’t worth the potential stomach upset – there are tons of vegan and dairy free alternatives.

My requirements for a protein powder are:

  1. Must be dairy free
  2. Must taste good – even when mixed with only cold water in a shaker bottle
  3. Extra points for fun flavors – dairy free people want cool flavors too, not just chocolate and vanilla!

Almost all of these are available on Amazon – I will update this post as I try more products/flavors!

Vega – Favorite Flavors: Chocolate Mint, Chocolate, Chai

What I love about it: I’ve been using Vega for a few years, it is easy to find in stores, they have single serve packets that are easy for on-the-go, there are lots of greens included so it can be used as more of a meal replacement instead of just protein

Uses: I have used vega shakes/powders as coffee creamers(especially in iced coffee) and in microwave mug cakes, as well as in shakes

Ghost Vegan – Favorite Flavors: Peanut Butter Cereal Milk and Pancake Batter

What I love about it: These vegan flavors really impressed me when I first tried them! The pancake especially is awesome for baking/mug cakes. I can mix these powders with cold water in a blender bottle with no issues.

Uses: The Pancake Batter is my go-to for protein pancakes and blueberry mug cakes, I don’t really drink the Pancake flavor but I use it at least a few times a week in baking/cooking

PE Science Vegan Essentials – Favorite Flavors: Cinnamon ** This one is my top choice**

What I love about it: This tastes like Cinnamon Toast crunch milk! Awesome flavor, no weird after-taste(to me at least), lots of protein. This is one of my favorites to drink straight(or mix with the Pumpkin Pie). I also appreciate that you can buy a 5 serving bag before committing to a full tub!

Uses: Mix into oatmeal, drink as a shake(tastes good even just mixed with water), mix with Pumpkin Pie flavor for a pumpkin pie shake

Julian Bakery Paleo Thin – Favorite Flavors: Pumpkin Pie

What I love about it: This has a really high amount of protein and is egg-white based(so it isn’t vegan) – I usually don’t like egg white protein but I like the pumpkin pie flavor it’s perfect for my pumpkin spice shake!

Uses: be sure to only use this one cold, if you try to microwave it or put it in hot coffee it will be like cooking liquid egg whites

Nutrex Vegan – Favorite Flavor: German Chocolate Cake

What I love about it: This really tastes like german chocolate cake even if it’s only mixed with cold water in a blender bottle! Also it is vegan and has a better texture than Vega in my opinion. I need to try their other flavors!

Uses: This one is awesome for protein frosting, mix with a small amount of plant-based milk