Product Recommendation: Nuts ‘N More Plant Based Protein Peanut Butter

I love peanut butter but it can be really hard to fit into my macros. I tried this Nuts ‘N More plant based protein peanut butter because it has more protein than regular peanut butter so it is easier to fit into my day – One serving has 11g of protein vs. 7g in regular peanut butter.

The texture is definitely different than regular peanut butter, it is closer to a sauce but I actually like that because I can drizzle it on Halo Top or rice cakes. The flavor is not exactly like regular Jif peanut butter but it is pretty good and I think it’s totally worth it for the extra protein. It is hard to find protein-added foods that use plant-based protein instead of whey protein. I really have to limit my whey protein otherwise my stomach is not happy with me. This peanut butter has a good amount of extra protein and doesn’t give me dairy issues!

Side note: you do really need to stir this peanut butter extremely thoroughly, especially when it is a new jar, it really separates!

I ordered on Amazon:

The reviews on Amazon seem like this is the type of product where people either love it or hate it – I actually love it. I have already gone through a whole jar and need to order more!

I am thinking about trying their other varieties because the flavors look amazing, but they do contain Whey Protein Isolate which can be hit or miss for me.

If you try this product or if you’ve tried their other varieties let me know!