Protein Pancake Breakfast Sandwich

This Protein Pancake Breakfast Sandwich feels like an awesome weekend brunch cheat meal but it’s actually pretty healthy! And with over 40 grams of protein it’s a great start to the day, especially if you’re counting macros.

If you are familiar with my protein pancake recipe then you’ll have an easy time throwing this recipe together. This sandwich is 2 protein pancakes with ham and a sunny side up egg in the middle – it’s basically a breakfast platter in a sandwich. You could also add breakfast sausage or cheese/vegan cheese if you prefer.

Again, the Ghost Vegan Pancake Batter protein is my favorite for this recipe but others would probably work about the same.


  • Ghost Vegan Pancake Batter protein powder (41g)
  • Egg whites (81g)
  • One whole egg
  • Honey Ham (50g)

Nutrition: 314.5 calories / 46.6g Protein / 12.7g Carbs / 8.6g Fat


  1. Mix pancake batter protein powder with egg whites, add enough water to form a batter
  2. Pour into 2 equally sizes pancakes and cook on a griddle or hot pan
  3. In a separate pan, fry up your ham and egg as desired
  4. Assemble your breakfast sandwich and enjoy!