High Protein Brownie Batter

This high protein brownie batter is delicious and only requires 2 ingredients!

I initially planned to bake this batter but it’s truly a miracle that any of it made it into the oven once I tasted it! It is also great baked but if you don’t want to wait you can just eat the batter – no raw eggs!

This recipe is gluten free, but it does contain dairy. Once the vegan Lil Buff Protein cake mixes are released I’ll try making a vegan version!

All you need are Lil Buff Protein Cake Mix in Cocoa Crave flavor and a chocolate sugar free SnackPak pudding cup!

Nutrition:(for just the brownie batter)

196 calories / 13.3g Protein / 21.5g Carbs / 6.3g Fat


  • 27g Cocoa Crave cake mix
  • 1 sugar free chocolate SnackPak(92g)


  1. Mix cake mix with pudding cup – you will need to mix it really well in order to get the right consistency
  2. You can eat this raw or bake it in the oven to make a brownie!
  3. If you choose to bake it I recommend 350 degrees for 15-20 minutes

You can also add protein frosting to the baked brownie! I’ll post a recipe for my protein frosting next –