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Meal Delivery Programs: Part 3

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Veestro¬†(Disclaimer: If you order through this link you will get 15% off and I will get “reward points” to use towards future orders)

Veestro offers organic non-GMO plant-based meals which you can order a la carte or as a “meal pack”. Veestro’s meals include breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and juices. I ordered 13 items a la carte, including breakfast, dinner, and dessert items. A la carte breakfast and dinner entrees cost about $10-12 per meal. You get a slight discount with a subscription but I chose the a la carte option so I didn’t have to worry about skipping weeks or cancelling my account. The meals arrive frozen and can be kept in the freezer until you’re ready to eat them, so it is less structured than other programs but you can place one big order instead of getting weekly deliveries. I liked the meals from Veestro a lot, especially as another option to add variety to my groceries. The meals were really good as well as healthy and they had items that I would normally have to make from scratch to be gluten and dairy free. The meals have specific thawing and heating instructions listed on the packaging as well as calorie and nutrition information.

One drawback is that not all of their meals are GF so you have to be careful when ordering. I also felt like I needed to clear space in my freezer in preparation of receiving my order because I wanted to save money on shipping and get a lot at once. Because there doesn’t seem to be much seasonal variety I don’t think I could use Veestro for my meals exclusively without it becoming very repetitive. Although I like it as a supplement to my usual groceries, Veestro can’t provide 100% of my meals because I wouldn’t be getting enough variety or fresh vegetables.

Pros: all vegan non-GMO and organic, large variety of meals, meals can be kept in freezer, calories listed, less/no commitment

Cons: not all gluten free, not a lot of leafy greens, unstructured


  1. Follow thawing instructions listed on packaging, since ovens vary you may need to microwave the meal to give it a boost
  2. Watch out for some extremely high calorie items
  3. If you’re looking for more structure check out the subscription and juicing programs

Favorite Meals: Enchilada Casserole, Mushroom Risotto, Spanish Torta, Eggplant Casserole, Veggie Lasagna

Summary: I would order these again, they’re super convenient and add variety to my usual grocery store purchases


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