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Our Founder, Bridget Conlan

Skinnee B’s was born out of necessity in the summer of 2014 – Bridget had recently discovered that she was intolerant to gluten and dairy, and at the same time her father started a diet. This was a problem because the Conlans are notorious for their sweet tooth. Bridget put her love of baking to work trying to find a healthy, gluten free, dairy free dessert alternative. After trying a Pinterest recipe for a cream cheese frosted pumpkin bread that claimed to have 500 calories (spoiler alert: it was closer to 2,000 calories) Bridget set out trying to make a healthier version. She researched the calorie content and health benefits of different ingredients and through much trial and error Skinnee B’s Original Pumpkin Pie Cake was born. Her dad loved it so much that she decided to try making other flavors, keeping in mind his love of carrot cake and all things spicy – Hello Skinnee B’s Carrot Cake and Skinnee B’s Pumpkin SPICE Cake! After graduating from Northwestern in June of 2015 Bridget bought United Kitchen and went to work developing her recipes with the guidance of fellow food entrepreneurs and a food science consultant. Check out our blog for healthy gluten free recipes and product recommendations!

Skinnee B’s also offers Gluten Free consulting for restaurants – our full service consulting includes Gluten Free menu design and review, Gluten Free kitchen procedure training, and more. Contact us for a quote!

Are you newly gluten free and unsure of where to begin? Contact us for help with transitioning to the gluten free lifestyle – Skinnee B’s offers personalized assistance, food recommendations, cross contamination training, and more!